Knackery operators are planning to take strike action and refuse to collect dead animals from farms from Friday, the Irish Farmers Journal understands.

It’s understood the action follows a major hike in the cost of rendering specified risk material (SRM), set by rendering companies.

The Irish Farmers Journal understands that the charge for rendering has been increased from €120/t to €180/t by the rendering companies, of which there are three in the country.

This price hike, according to individual knackery operators, pushes the cost of their animal disposal service into loss-making territory for them unless they charge more per animal for disposal.

The strike action is aimed at forcing the Department of Agriculture to increase the subsidy it pays to animal collectors.

Crisis talks are planned between the Department and the Animals Collectors Association (ACA) in the coming days, it is understood.

The ACA was contacted for comment by the Irish Farmers Journal.