I farm: ”In partnership with my dad John on 240ac of owned land which is split into two blocks. My sister Niamh helps when she can and my mother Margaret does the paperwork. We run drystock and sheep and myself and dad both work off-farm. He’s in construction and I’m working as an agri adviser for Midland Agri Consultants in Granard. I came out of Dundalk with my Green Cert and then I went and did a masters in agricultural extension and innovation in UCD.”

Cattle: “We buy in store heifers and around 60 or 70 bull weanlings, mainly bringing them to finish. At the minute, all the bulls are in the shed being fed. They’ll be fed ad-lib and are getting straw as well as meal. We’ve half of the cattle housed but it’ll not be long before they’re all in. We’re finishing some heifers at the minute and the bulls are in since July. I have Highland cattle as well and they’re kept out. They’re hardy enough.”

Sheep: “We buy in around 400 store lambs in August and we also lamb just over 80 ewes. Our ewes are a mix of breeds, mainly Mules and horned ewes. Then we have a few lowlands as well. The ram will be going out in the next couple of weeks. We lamb around Paddy’s Day and we try to lamb outside. It’s a lot healthier. We take most of our lambs to the factory and some to Dowra Mart. All our own lambs are sold by now and the ewes are weaned. The store lambs will stay out until around Christmas and they might come in then for a few weeks before going to the factory.”

Advisory: “I love the advisory work and I love talking to farmers. This year was hectic with all the new schemes. There were a lot of schemes for farmers to get into.”

Quotable quote: “When things are going good, roll with it because it’s not all sunshine in farming.”