I farm: “Tillage and beef on 370ac alongside my wife Noreen. We grew 120ac of winter barley, 60ac of winter oats, 103ac of spring barley, 11ac of winter wheat and 20ac of fodder beet this year.”

Cattle: “We take in stores and finish them at 24 months to ABP Cahir. We’d be very busy usually, so we’d get them bought for us. We’d have a mix of Hereford, Angus and continental heifers and steers with about 130 passing through the yard over the year.

"The tillage means we don’t buy in any feed, with the cattle finished off all our own rations, which we feed with a diet feeder. We start buying cattle from August and always try to hold one batch over until May.”

Crops: “We’ve the barley and oats harvested and the yields have been all over the place this year, ranging from 2.8t/ac to 4.1t/ac. I’d say it was the frost in May that impacted it.

"We were lucky and had a good bit of the fertiliser bought before it went mad this year and it got the same cover as it always would.

"The wheat is looking good, but isn’t there just yet. We’d be hoping to go for it at the weekend.”

Harvest: “Myself and my brother Reggie work together. He has 100 Aubrac and Simmental sucklers and converted from dairying in 2013. We do all our own crop work and have all our own machinery.

"We might do the odd bit for a neighbour where needed too. We were rolling oats on Wednesday, a very noisy job for the day that was in it.”

Quotable quote: “I think attention to detail is crucial when you’re working with crops and you won’t have a good crop without it. I enjoy the farming and hopefully there’ll be a future in it for one of my daughters, Catherine, Amy and Isabelle.”