Corteva Agriscience has announced that Univoq, one of the leading fungicides used to control septoria and rusts, is now available to wheat growers in Ireland.

The spray's robust activity on the main diseases found in Irish wheat fields means green leaf area is maximised, laying the foundations for greater yields, Corteva said.

Independent trials carried out by the UK's Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) in 2023 showed, for the third year in a row, clear daylight between Univoq’s yields and those of the next closest competitor.

The greatest benefit of applying Univoq, according to Corteva, has been seen at the T2 fungicide timing, although many growers have also explored the benefits of the product at T1.

The product contains the Inatreq active molecule as well as prothioconazle.

'Good news'

Corteva’s national technical manager for Ireland Liz Glynn said: “It’s really good news that Corteva is able to offer Univoq to wheat growers in Ireland this year following the great successes it has delivered in terms of disease control and yields across Europe.

“Many growers here will have already seen how effective the Inatreq molecule is having used it in our Questar, Aquino and Peacoq fungicide co-packs which have been on the market since 2021."

Plant pathologist at Teagasc Steven Kildea added that certain actives have disappeared from the Irish grower’s toolbox, but Inatreq came in and has really found a home for itself in fungicide programmes.

"Now, with Univoq, we will see the same efficacy in terms of disease control to help build yield, but it will be co-formulated into a single bottle, which will appeal to farmers here," he said.


Growers have flexibility on the rates they choose to apply Univoq at, ranging between 1.5l/ha and 2l/ha depending on the disease pressure.