There has been no shortage of new solar farm projects seeking planning permission around the country.

Over the past month, over 780 acres (ac) worth of solar farms and battery storage systems have sought planning permission.

By 2030, Ireland will require 40,000ac of solar farms to be built under Government plans.


Lightsource Renewable Energy Ireland Ltd has applied for a 326ac solar farm in Tullow, Co Carlow.

The application was made to the local authority, but was invalidated pending more information.

The solar farm, which would also see the development of a battery energy storage system, would operate for 40 years.

Lightsource will likely resubmit the application when the additional information has been gathered.


H & H Renewables Ltd is seeking permission to build a 34ac solar farm near Claremorris, Co Mayo.

The solar farm would see 19,270 solar photovoltaic panels on ground-mounted frames or support structures.

The proposed development includes drain reprofiling and a settlement pond as part of peatland restoration works, landscaping, biodiversity enhancement measures. If granted, it will operate for 35 years.


An application to build a 196ac solar farm in the townlands of Mulgeeth and Mucklon, Co Kildare, has been made by Cadamstown Solar Ltd.

The solar farm, which will cost around €67.2m to build, will produce around 56 mega watt hours of electricity and involves three landowners.

As part of the development, 1,289m of new native hedgerow will be established on the site.


First submitted in May 2024, Elgin Energy ESI Ltd has been requested to supply more information to the council for its proposed 228ac solar farm in Louth.

The project, located in the townlands of Kilineer, Newtown Monasterboice, Silloge, Balgatheran and Coolfore, also includes a battery energy storage system.

If approved, the solar farm would operate for 40 years.