Putting solar panels on a large percentage of your land can affect succession planning, an agricultural solicitor has warned. Co Clare solicitor Aisling Meehan said if more than half of someone’s land is used for solar, it has certain tax implications.

“If more than 50% of the land is covered by solar panels, the land no longer qualifies as agricultural property for the purpose of agri relief and also retirement relief. So, it can have a huge impact on succession planning.

“Now, there are ways you can get around it.

“You could look at fast-tracking a transfer and then putting a clause in the option agreement that they can’t trigger the lease for six years after the transfer has occurred,” Meehan said.

“Alternatively, you might try and limit the land that is going into solar to 50% of the land you have or you could look at acquiring land afterwards,” she said.

Meehan added that solar is a large part of the business her practice does currently.