Farmer protesters in the northerneastern Spanish region of Catalonia have blocked some of the country’s border crossings with France.

Among the groups leading the protests are the Peasants’ Revolt and the 6,000-member strong Catalonian Farmers’ Union.

Three border crossings have been blocked since Tuesday by tractors and debris, such as trees, with roadways blocked at at least a further seven locations, according to Peasants’ Revolt reports.

One of the demonstrations was held in Barcelona - the second largest city in Spain.

Peasants’ Revolt is a group formed spontaneously earlier in February to advance the overarching goals of securing additional farmer aid payments, a plan to help those struggling with drought and a slashing of the bureaucracy tied to existing farm schemes.

Farmers’ Union is also seeking an end to free trade on agri-food goods, with the group stating that products not meeting the standards placed on the EU’s farmers should not be granted EU market access.

Protesters have reportedly dumped tomatoes imported from outside of the EU from trucks travelling along blocked motorways.

The largest farming organisation in Spain - ASAJA - held large-scale tractor demonstrations across the country earlier this week and has claimed that its main protest in Madrid on Monday saw 30,000 farmers gather in a bid to get “concrete action” on key farmer issues.

These issues were listed by ASAJA as ranging from CAP red tape to EU trade deals, which it has warned could put farm incomes at risk.