Opportunities and threats in EU trade deals
Phelim O'Neill
While an EU impact assessment on trade agreements shows that trade deals potentially benefit EU agri food overall, the meat, sugar and rice sectors are vulnerable.
13 February 2024 News
Trade commissioner claims to hear farmers 'loud and clear'
The commissioner's comments follow weeks of farmer protests across the EU on issues which include trade deals.
7 February 2024 News
Hogan backs high EU food production standards
Hogan called out a number of examples to showcase the two way trade deals that have been very successful, including the recent EU deals with Canada, Japan and Vietnam.
Halal rules hamper UK lamb exports to Gulf
The GCC is made up of six Arab countries, namely Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman.
7 February 2024 Northern Ireland
Veterinary medicines – a problem still to be solved
David Wright looks at some of the main issues included in the UK government command paper on 'Safeguarding the Union'.
7 February 2024 Northern Ireland
Farmer protests complicate trade deals
Trade commissioner talks up prospects of Mercosur deal, but there are many obstacles in the way of getting it across the line.
28 January 2024 News
Accessing more markets crucial for beef – Minister Heydon
While the UK will remain an important destination for agri-food exports, accessing more markets will allow the sector to maximise returns, Minister Heydon said.
24 January 2024 News
Mercosur deal stumbles in sight of finish line
Argentina's incoming president has caused brakes to be applied to revised Mercosur trade deal with EU, but ultimately, Brazil will dominate Mercosur policy.
6 December 2023 News
UK parties criticised for food security policy
Lord Deben was Minister of Agriculture and Secretary of State for the Environment in the Conservative government in the 1990s
29 November 2023 Northern Ireland
Straw shortage is not a surprise
Crops are not emerging and tillage farmers are in a real crisis financially and looking at unharvested cereals, potatoes and beet.
15 November 2023 Viewpoints
EU blames Australia for no trade deal
Blame game begins as the EU and Australia fail to wrap up trade deal despite positive signals in advance.
31 October 2023 News
Aussies eye Canada-type deal
EU and Australia are making another push to get the trade deal over the line this week and there is a sense of if not now, when?
25 October 2023 News