Angola - chicken imports from US jump

Angola’s import of agri food from the US – 98% of which is frozen chicken – jumped again in 2022 to $237m compared with $132m in 2021 and $85m in 2020.

USA - corn crop hit by drought

The US corn crop is being hit by drought, with almost half of the area reported to be affected.

Spain - plant works begin for lab-grown meat

Spanish company Biotech, in which JBS, the world’s largest beef processor, is the largest shareholder, has commenced work on its first commercial-scale plant to produce lab-grown meat, which is due for completion in mid-2024.

New Zealand - growth in NZ milk supply

A favourable back end to the New Zealand milk production season saw April supplies increase by over 7% compared with the same month in 2022, although overall season supply is back by almost 1%.