Northern Ireland-based Erth Engineering’s Agriseeder is designed to work as a direct drill, sowing seed into ploughed ground, burn-off or existing pasture in one pass.

It comes in 3m or 4m versions. The 3m version is the most popular and features auto-contouring through three 1m frame sections.

The three sections are pressurised individually through its own hydraulic ram, which is linked to an overall hydraulic pressure system, meaning each section applies its own independent surface pressures.

Various row spacings and hopper sizes can be specified, with a 300l hopper as standard.

Erth Engineering sources the Accord metering unit from Kverneland. Its in-house-designed mushroom distribution head is transparent and located between the tractor and the hopper, meaning the operator can see that there is still seed in the distribution tubes.

A hydraulically controlled front harrow detaches trash. This is followed by serrated discs, which are designed to cut a narrow slit 10mm to 15mm into the surface. The seed is then placed in the ground via the trailing coulters. These coulters come with replaceable tungsten carbide tips and are loaded against the discs by rubber washers.

Once the seed has been placed in the ground, it is followed by a smooth roller. The roller also serves as a depth control unit. A following harrow covers the slots.

As the drill is ground-drive, the forward speed and the seed metering system are controlled by a wheel attached to the roller unit. The Agriseeder comes fully galvanised as standard and has a starting price of €26,000 (£25,000) plus VAT.