Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed has announced that payments have commenced under the Protein Aid Scheme. The scheme was introduced as a part of the reformed CAP package as a coupled support.

Minister Creed said: “Since 2015, the financial aid provided under this scheme has been an important support for farmers growing beans, peas and lupins. These crops not only provide environmental benefits, but they also help to provide an indigenous source of protein for animal feed.”

There has been another €3m set aside for the scheme this year and the 740 applicants have begun to receive payments.


“The rate for this year has been set at €365/ha and this represents an important support for tillage farmers, given the financial pressure experienced in the sector this year,” said Minister Creed.

Payments under the main 2019 schemes commenced in mid-September, with the advance payment under the ANC Scheme.

Since that time, a total of €1.63bn has been paid out under a range of schemes operated by the Department.

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