The price of red diesel has fallen below the 90p/l mark for the first time since February 2022, although there is still a considerable range in quotes across oil suppliers. At the lower end of the market, quotes for an order of 2,250l are as low as 87p/l excluding VAT.

At the upper end of market, prices being quoted are in the region of 94p/l, ex VAT, for the same number of litres.

Red diesel has been trending downwards since late October, when prices were typically 118p to 120p/l.

During this period, crude oil has seen a marked drop in value, falling from around US $100/barrel to its current levels in the region of $79/barrel this week.

Quotes for derv have also seen significant price cuts in recent weeks, falling from 150p/l in early November to its current level of 132p to 136p/l.

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