The keynote speaker at the 11th annual arable conference at Greenmount on Tuesday was Olly Harrison, a large-scale tillage farmer from Merseyside, who some of you will know as the “accidental youtuber” on social media.

Olly has built up quite the following online and has managed to turn his Youtube account into a money-making enterprise, with the ad revenue able to cover the repayments on his Bateman sprayer. At the event on Tuesday, he flashed up a pic of a Claas Xerion and suggested this was the next target for his online income.

I never realised such riches could be made, but Olly didn’t stop there and told us about his Small Animal Hotel. If you want to leave your rabbit there when you head off on holiday, it will cost you £15 (€17) a day. A fool and their money are easily parted – his words, not mine.