Ticking off autumn-calving checklist
Kieran Mailey
Suckler farmers operating an autumn-calving herd should be finalising preparations before the next crop of calves hits the ground.
11 July 2023 Management
Time for pre-calving minerals in autumn-calving herds
Feeding a good, quality pre-calving mineral to autumn cows will improve calf vigour and reduce problems during labour.
24 June 2023 Management
Five tips to prepare for autumn calving
Where suckler farmers have autumn calving herds, good preparations will help get calves off to the best start in life. Outlined are five tips to consider.
Beef Management: fertilser spreading and synchronising heifers
This week's Beef Management looks at getting fertilsier out, and the role synchronising heifers can play on suckler farms.
5 April 2023 Management