We can never let our guard down with electricity. That means when working on the farm we all need to stay alert and look up and out for any electrical hazards on the farm. With electricity, the most important precaution is to always keep a safe distance from overhead wires and poles.

Electrical safety tips for around the farm

Around your home and farm, always stay safe and stay clear of electricity wires. Electricity is used every day, and is used for things like heating your home, lighting, powering appliances and even for charging cars!

Become the safety champion on the farm and remind your family of our electricity safety risks!

  • Electricity can be dangerous, so remember to always stay safe and stay clear of electricity wires and poles.
  • If a sign says ‘danger’ than it is best to always stay safe and stay clear.
  • Pylons are dangerous so never climb them and always stay clear of them.
  • Don’t leave appliances or tools unattended when they are plugged in.
  • Make sure all pumps and garden lights are rated for use outdoors.
  • Permanent outdoor wiring must be installed by a registered electrical contractor.
  • Write down our emergency 24/7 phone number for electricity related emergencies 1800 372 999. For more information visit esbnetworks.ie