A new app is being developed that will issue farmers with topical and seasonal farm safety reminders.

As part of her PhD research at Atlantic Technological University (ATU) in Sligo, Carolyn Scott is currently in the process of developing the app.

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, Scott, who is from a Co Derry sheep farm, said a key element of the app is delivering the right message at the right time to farmers.

“It’ll really be a helping hand in their back pocket. It’ll give them advice at a time when they might need it.

“It’ll focus on safety, health and farmyard security as well,” she said.

Push notifications

While there will be a bank of searchable farm safety-related content on the app, push notifications will be used to send topical reminders.

For example, safety tips on agitating slurry when the closed period ends.

“If it’s silage season, there might be a reminder via a push notification to check their tractor, check their breaks, etc,” added Scott.

A number of focus groups were held with farmers, so much of the information being utilised in making the app has come from farmers themselves.

Scott explained that farmers raised a wide variety of issues with her.

“Farm safety is so complex. Every farmer is different, every farm is different. Being busy is such a big issue on farms.

“Hopefully, the app can help farmers stay organised. Farmers are working with machinery and they’re working with livestock. That can be very unpredictable,” she said.


The PhD researcher said she decided to develop the app because she wanted to use technology to enhance farm safety.

“Through my research, I knew other industries were really in the 21st century with technology. Agriculture [in respect of farm safety] seems to lag behind a little.

“I always knew I wanted to do something with technology and I just really wanted to help farmers and get the right information at the right time,” Scott added.

The app is currently being developed and should be launched by the end of the year.