Maximising potential through capital farm investment
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Capital farm investment plays a pivotal role in the agricultural sector, contributing to its growth and sustainability.
20 September 2023 News
Lower prices see farmers burning through 2022 cash reserves - banks
Both AIB and Bank of Ireland's agri teams at the National Ploughing Championships are reporting a high volume of farmer questions around cashflow planning.
Cultivating financial success: mastering cashflow management on the farm
Effective cashflow management is fundamental to the success of any business. In an ever-evolving landscape, one enduring truth remains: cash is the lifeblood of any enterprise.
IFA meets banks on back of milk price cuts
Dairy farmers facing cashflow issues have a suite of options available to them, according to the IFA.
1 September 2023 News
Sustainable agriculture in Ireland: paving the way for a greener future
Irish agriculture as we know it is one of the most sustainable production systems in the world. Sustainability encompasses three key elements: economy, environment and society.
‘If you do something you love, you won't work a day in your life’
From a sheep and suckler farm in Co Roscommon to her role as agri advisor in AIB, Nicola Fetherstone outlines her career pathway and financial challenges farmers are facing, writes Sarah McIntosh
16 August 2023 Careers
Banks in Ireland are coining it, as competition evaporates and rates rise
Pillar banks report profits of €1 billion each for the first six months of 2023.
2 August 2023 News
Derogation concerns mount for heavily invested farms
AIB and Bank of Ireland are taking derogation changes into account when considering lending to highly stocked farmers.
19 July 2023 News
AIB announces financial partnership with Farm Zero C project
AIB will provide financial support towards the research, promotion and public advocacy of the work under way at Shinagh, where the project is based.
12 June 2023 News