Pesticides found in bee pollen - Trinity study
Rachel Donovan
The study took into account residues in crop pollen at 12 sites in Ireland and in pollen collected from honey bees and bumble bees from the same sites.
13 September 2023 News
Over 30 small businesses to showcase at Local Enterprise village
Small businesses from across the country will have an opportunity to promote themselves.
27 June 2023 News
Closing date for beekeeping programme extended
Closing date for National Apiculture Programme closes in just over two weeks.
New app to notify beekeepers when spraying
Boortmalt has launched a new app for mobile phones so that farmers can notify bee keepers in their area that they are going to spray plant protection products.
12 June 2023 News
A swarm in June is worth a silver spoon
Folklorist Shane Lehane delves into the incredible - if complicated - world of bee-keeping.
31 May 2023 Features
Monitoring of bee species central to tackling declines - Hackett
The pilot national pollinator monitoring scheme is a “positive example of how farms can offer to support pollinators”, Minister Hackett has said.
19 May 2023 News
Honeybees keeping beekeepers busy this month
Beekeepers with good eyesight should be quick to notice the subtle difference in the colour of oilseed pollen versus dandelion, writes Willie O’Byrne.
17 May 2023 Features
Letter: beware the corncockle in your wildflower mix
When wildflower growing became popular the seeds of both plants were imported from Italy - Nesta FitzGerald, Skeaghvosteen, Co Kilkenny
17 May 2023 Letters
Irish Water urges farmers and gardeners to be vigilant on pesticides
Significant progress made in pesticide pollution reduction but efforts must continue, the organisation warned.
28 April 2023 News
Busy as a bee on Tykillen Farm
Tykillen Farm in Crossabeg, Co Wexford, is gearing up for a busy bee season.
12 April 2023 Footprint Farmers