Typically, from mid- to late February onwards, disease pressure can build on farms and farmers are busier than ever with multiple calvings per day.

At birth, calves do not have a significant population of gut organisms and immunity, making them vulnerable.

The ruminant microbiome, an intricate ecosystem of bacteria, protozoa, fungi and viruses, is essential for health, immunity and digestion. Despite its invisibility, its importance is increasingly recognised.

Calves with a robust, balanced microbiome face fewer challenges such as diarrhoea or pneumonia. They develop their rumen quicker, enhancing feed consumption and growth.

Benefits also include smoother transition from milk, better weight gains, fewer days off feed and optimised genetic potential in reproduction, meat production or milk yield.

BioBalance Next-Gen - a bespoke combination of postbiotics, metabolites and natural plant extracts - builds the gastrointestinal tract, bolsters gut health and supports its beneficial microorganisms. Postbiotics, derived from live bacterial fermentation, confer significant health benefits, particularly influencing the gastrointestinal tract and gut microbiome.

BioBalance Next-Gen establishes a foundation for a thriving herd through several key benefits:

  • Rumen development: it accelerates rumen growth and enhances digestion.
  • Enhanced starter feed intake: encourages earlier and increased solid feed intake, leading to improved growth rates and a smoother transition to solid feed.
  • Improved intestinal morphology: assists in developing an optimal gut structure for nutrient digestion.
  • Improved growth: supports healthier gut structure, larger gut villi and increased surface area for nutrient absorption, fostering growth and potential fulfilment.
  • Healthier calves: bolsters immune function and resilience against various pathogens, contributing to a healthier and more resilient herd.
  • Farmer feedback

    Alan Coleman, dairy farmer, Shrule, Co Mayo

    ‘We used BioBalance for our winter calves since day one. This year, our calves are ahead. The calves are ahead of target and no antibiotics were used on sick calves.

    "Last year, we had big issues with scour and, this year, we have had little or no issues. Any calf with an issue spotted early and they got their double dose for a few days. I am happy with the product; it’s a win-win."

    Peter Tully, dairy farmer, Tullyvin, Co Cavan

    "I was having an issue with calves transitioning from whole milk to milk replacer. I was seeing scours and discomfort in the calves as they moved on to the feeder and was recommended to use BioBalance at the higher 40ml/day rate for the transition.

    "Within a couple of days, I noticed a smoother transition on younger calves, with no scours or upset. I noticed that older calves that had got scours responded quickly after being given BioBalance, were back drinking sooner and generally recovered well.

    "I don't have a liquid dispenser on my calf feeder and am drenching BioBalance into these calves daily. I will definitely look to add the dispenser to the feeder this year and this will make adding BioBalance easier still."

    Academic research

    BioBalance Next-Gen's efficacy is supported by extensive research, including 20 peer-reviewed academic papers on Diamond V usage in calves. Key findings include:

  • Enhanced growth: calves treated with BioBalance showed daily gains of 71g to 86g/h/d and an overall gain of 2.5kg to 3kg more than untreated calves.
  • Increased milk production: postbiotic-treated calves produced an additional 55kg to 164kg of milk during their first lactation.
  • Gut health: improved intestinal morphology, leading to more efficient nutrient absorption and reduced digestive upsets.
  • Stronger immunity: enhanced immunity through increased secretory IgA levels, providing viral protection, anti-inflammatory effects and improved cell strength and resistance.
  • The importance of early-life nutrition for a calf's growth and adult performance is well-established. BioBalance Next-Gen provides superior nutrition during crucial early stages, promoting growth and future productivity.

    Every illness in the first four months can cost approximately 109kg of milk in the first lactation, making prevention vital. BioBalance Next-Gen offers consistent protection and performance benefits, supporting calves in reaching their full genetic and financial potential.

    More information about BioBalance

    To learn more about how BioBalance Next-Gen can bolster your herd's health and productivity and to explore its benefits firsthand, please contact us. We're here to support your journey towards a healthier, more resilient herd.

    BioBalance Next-Gen is available nationwide in 1 litre and 10 litre sizes. The dosage rate is 20ml for 28 days and can be used on any sick calves for five to six days on a double dose.

    For more information, please visit our website here.

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