Danone announces methane reduction plan of 30%
Anne Finnegan
Danone's move to set an absolute methane reduction target signals challenges for Irish dairying.
7 January 2023 News
Agri jobs: manager sought for 220-cow Cavan farm
As the busiest time of year on dairy farms gets under way, there are plenty of jobs on offer in the sector.
4 January 2023 News
Farmer Writes: when farmers are short of food, they feed cows properly
In his latest update from over the pond, English dairy farmer Joe Collingborn talks about the challenges of 2022 which were heightened by a drought lasting over two months.
Dairy farmers dominate land market - but for how long?
Competition from international hedge funds, local business owners, forestry companies and environmental bodies are increasing demand for top quality and marginal land.
28 December 2022 News
‘I’m getting out of contracting for the same reason I got into it-to make money’
A Limerick contractor’s fleet of machinery will be up for grabs at an online retirement dispersal auction on Wednesday 14 December at 7.00pm.
7 December 2022 News
Dairy Women Ireland: ‘Incredible things can happen’
The dairy organisation was established earlier this year to support and empower women who live and work on dairy farms.
26 November 2022 News
Agri jobs: 200-cow Fermoy farm seeks farm manager
The grass-based system in Killathy, Co Cork, boasts a 20-unit herringbone parlour and requires someone who is eager for a career in dairy farming.
5 November 2022 News
The stage for getting into the cows
A suckler and sheep farmer says he's getting into cows by letting his land to his dairy farmer neighbours.
2 November 2022 News
Dairy the most economically sustainable, tillage leading on environment
Five times as many cattle farmers as dairy farmers were classed as vulnerable in the report, which was based on national farm survey data.
19 October 2022 News
More slurry going out with LESS and ‘significant’ rise in liming - Teagasc
Five times as many cattle farmers as dairy farmers were classed as vulnerable in the report, which was based off national farm survey data.
18 October 2022 News
Milk vending: get more value for your milk by selling direct
Unison Process Solutions is helping dairy farmers get over five times more profit from their milk by selling direct.
Strong demand for credit across all sectors - AIB
Some farmers are talking about taking out loans to cover fertiliser prices, however farmers are not actually putting applications in yet.
17 August 2022 News