Northern Ireland
NI round-up: sheep margins, flukiver and Balmoral Show
Peter McCann
Weekly round-up of news from the farming industry in Northern Ireland.
15 February 2023 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: longer days returning
Working off farm at a local lake, I get to witness a lot of wildlife coming back out of hiding at this time of year.
17 January 2023 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: a little false economy
Waterlogged fields, fast filling slurry tanks and pneumonia are among some of the challenges the New Year has brought, writes James Strain.
Five jobs for the Christmas period
With family members home for Christmas, use the extra help to get some of the bigger jobs ticked off the to-do list.
26 December 2022 Management
Dairy Management: doses, planting hedgerows and closed periods
Aidan Brennan takes a look at the dosing requirements for animals this winter and says now is the time to plan for planting any trees or hedgerows on the farm.
21 December 2022 Management
Five tips for fluke drenching cattle
When treating cattle for fluke, outlined are a few things to consider for effective parasite control.
26 November 2022 Management
Dairy Management: dosing cows, grass supply and spending money
Aidan Brennan takes a look at the main parasites farmers need to be looking out for when planning dosing strategies this winter.
23 November 2022 Management
Dairy calf-to-beef targets, suckler cow minerals and Tullamore farm open day
Adam Woods takes a look at dairy calf to beef targets, suckler cow mineral supplementation and an upcoming Tullamore Farm open day in this week's beef management notes
16 November 2022 Management
Ten steps to indoor management for cattle
With cattle housed for the winter, outlined are 10 steps to managing animals through the winter period.
9 November 2022 Northern Ireland
Routine housing doesn’t mean routine treatment
Liverfluke causes an estimated €90m in costs to Irish agriculture each year, so effective steps to mitigate losses from it should be taken, but only when required.
Farmer Writes: winter has arrived in Leitrim
When heavy rain was forecast, the decision was made to split the heavier bulls and their cows off and house them, leaving the younger stock outside, writes Karen McCabe.
29 October 2022 Farmer Writes
Five tips for autumn breeding in suckler herds
On suckler farms with an autumn-calving herd, breeding is under way. Outlined are five tips to help get cows back in calf.
29 October 2022 Management