The weekly collection of malting barley prices to generate an average season price for harvest began last week for Boortmalt suppliers.

The averaging kicked off more than a week earlier than usual, with the first price recorded on 4 April, compared to 13 April in 2023 and 14 April in 2022.

That first price, which is the dried Free-On-Board Creil Planet price, came in at €260/t. However, it is subject to a €10/t charge, so the price to the farmer for green brewing barley is €250/t and for green distilling barley is €260/t. Averaging will continue into September.

The IFA met with Boortmalt last week, describing it as a constructive meeting where they discussed forward selling, barley specifications in a challenging year and the €10/t logistics charge.

Transport charge

A transport charge for Donegal growers to move grain to Athy was also removed.

Some growers have up to 40% of their contracts fixed at prices of €270/t and €240/t. Growers could fix up to 20% of their contract at each of these prices in November and February.

Following the meeting, the IFA told the Irish Farmers Journal it was concerned about a hold up in the planning process of Diageo’s planned brewery in Newbridge, and hoped that it would go ahead.