Sheep Management: chance to finally get back on track
Darren Carty
The rate at which conditions return to normal will vary greatly depending on land type but the upturn in weather will deliver farmer and beast a well deserved break
10 April 2024 Management
Sheep management: new welfare scheme and managing poor weather conditions
This week, management notes detail the new Sheep Welfare Scheme, dealing with the pressure of inclement weather and hoggett supplementation.
3 April 2024 Management
Sheep Management: nematodirus and conserving grass supplies
Farmers with lambs suffering from scour need to be mindful that there are a few ailments that cause diarrhoea in lambs.
Beef Management: grazing problems and scour issues
In this week's Beef Management, Adam Woods takes a look at grazing issues and calf scour.
3 April 2024 Management
Lambing winding down after plenty of challenges
Lambing in Tullamore farm has had plenty of ups and downs this year with adverse weather the standout challenge while abortion and the birth of weak lambs also raising concerns.
3 April 2024 Management
Sheep Management: weather challenges intensify amid torrential rainfall
Flocks lambing at present are facing big challenges, with a drop in temperatures compounding this week’s torrential rainfall and waterlogged soils.
27 March 2024 Management
Early lactation feeding advice for all situations
The continued inclement weather is creating many challenges for flocks lambing, with grass reserves being depleted fast on many farms, where it was impossible to get slurry or fertiliser applied.
20 March 2024 Grass & feeding
Prioritising fertiliser to get grass moving
Above normal winter temperatures supported relatively positive winter grass growth but fertiliser will now be required to drive on spring grass growth.
13 March 2024 Grass & feeding
Sheep Management: early lactation feeding and suitability of sheep for slaughter
Grass supplies are fair-to-good on many farms, but adverse weather is hampering utilisation in many areas and complicating early lactation feeding.
6 March 2024 Management
Five tips for turning cattle out to grass
Although ground conditions are currently poor, mid- to late-March will hopefully see lighter cattle filtering out to grass as weather improves. Outlined are some tips for turnout.
2 March 2024 Management
Steps to conserve straw supplies this spring
The combination of tighter supplies in the market and earlier housing is said to be concerning many producers heading in to the lambing season, Darren Carty writes.
7 February 2024 Lambing
Sheep Management: supplementary feeding and winter shearing
A high percentage of flocks should now be assessing winter diet options for ewes, with feed reserves built up during autumn now, in most cases, depleted.
10 January 2024 Management