Punch takes aim at 'detached' Commission
Declan O’Brien
The Clare candidate for Europe said EU officials had “become detached from the reality of life for ordinary people”.
6 April 2024 News
Ex-RTÉ broadcaster Ciaran Mullooly to run in European elections
The candidate has pledged to maintain a “strong presence” in Brussels on farming and rural issues if elected in June.
12 March 2024 Pigs
More pig and poultry farms to require EPA licenses after MEP vote
The European Parliament's vote will mean that almost all pig and poultry farmers will require an environmental license to operate.
MEPs push EU nature restoration law past final hurdle
The EU nature restoration law has passed through the European Parliament by a significant majority.
27 February 2024 News
Fine Gael MEPs to back nature restoration law at final hurdle
The party's five MEPs are to vote to pass the final version of the nature restoration law on Tuesday.
27 February 2024 News
Fears EU anti-greenwashing rules could bring more farm paperwork
Retailers or processors marketing farmers' participation of agri-environmental schemes to consumers could have to carry out their own verification process if new EU rules pass, Copa Cogeca has said.
19 February 2024 News
Trade commissioner claims to hear farmers 'loud and clear'
The commissioner's comments follow weeks of farmer protests across the EU on issues which include trade deals.
13 February 2024 News
MEPs' vote to allow gene-edited varieties welcomed by IFA
IFA grain chair Kieran McEvoy stated that new genomic techniques could leave farmers better able to face up to coming challenges of disease and climate pressures.
7 February 2024 News
MEPs back gene-edited seed but without patents
MEPs want any new varieties resulting from gene editing to be free from patents.
7 February 2024 News
Rural MEPs should be handed lead on farming issues - Markey
Mercosur and climate policies are among the most pressing issues being raised by farmers right across the EU, the ICSA's conference heard on Thursday.
5 February 2024 News
Explainer: where do farmers stand with EU green deal?
There was a lot of movement in 2023 on the European Commission's green deal and Farm to Fork plans for farmers.
29 December 2023 Climate and environment
Agreed Irish position sought on Nature Restoration Law
The Irish amendment seeks to make the law optional for farmers and remove the obligation to re-wet drained peatlands or restore former habitats.
6 December 2023 News