Virtual fencing: allowing cattle to graze where none had gone in living memory
Amy Forde
Two farmers, Eileen Condon and James Gilmartin, recently took part in an NPWS pilot on virtual fencing for cattle.
29 May 2023 News
NPWS plants 2,000 native Irish Scots pine
The national park will focus on the long-term vision of creating favourable conditions for natural woodland habitat.
29 May 2023 News
Wexford forest fire brought under control
The NPWS has issued a warning, calling on the public not to light fires or BBQs in public places.
INHFA questions State's role in 'knockdown' land purchases
The hill farmer body claims the State is purchasing lands it has actually devalued through the process of environmental designation.
28 May 2023 News
NPWS to snap up 'almost 1,000ha' of hill land in Cavan
An agreement has been reached for the land to be purchased by the NPWS, which will allow the State to meet nature targets.
26 May 2023 News
NPWS pays close to €1m for Wicklow hill farm
The mountain holding runs close to Lugnaquilla and is also adjacent to Glenmalure.
24 May 2023 News
Opinion: we need to see what rewetting looks like
If farmer buy-in for rewetting is to be gained, the Government need to stop telling us about it and start showing what it looks like. And how it will be paid for.
13 May 2023 Opinion
Wetland areas for lead shot ban yet to be confirmed
The ban on lead shot, will make a “lot of guns defunct”, the National Association of Regional Game Councils has said.
30 April 2023 News
First local authority biodiversity officers appointed
There will be a biodiversity officer in every county by the end of 2024, with further investment likely.
CAP budget expected to cover rewetting measures - ICMSA
ICMSA's Denis Drennan said that it is vital that all farmers grasp the fact that these targets will be applied beyond State-owned land.
14 April 2023 Schemes
Up to 70 osprey birds to be reintroduced in Ireland in coming years
Osprey birds will be sourced from Norway for the programme. The bird has been extinct in Ireland since the late 18th century.
Two men convicted and fined for recreational killing of rooks
Two Laois men were found to have used artificial crow decoys and a crow caller to lure rooks into what was described by one of the defendants as "the kill zone".
27 March 2023 News