Southeast dominates Nuffield scholars
The Dealer
The Dealer wonders if Nuffield lost the applications from farmers from the west this year as all of its new scholars hail from the southeast.
13 September 2022 News
Six new Nuffield scholarships for 2023 announced
Grassland management, farm diversification and potato and vegetable growing strategies are among the topics that will be covered by the scholars.
27 April 2022 Features
‘Maybe I will start a grass measuring business’
Although not fully ‘horse’ retired, ex-jockey Pat Collins’s day job is now grass measurement –alongside dairy calf to beef and tillage farming. He speaks to Amii McKeever about keeping all the balls in the air.
“In Russia not having food is not a distant memory”
What happened in 2012? The Irish farmers Journal founded a new magazine – Irish Country Magazine. And while that was happening Amii McKeever was in Russia. Different worlds, same year.
27 April 2022 Amii