‘Maybe I will start a grass measuring business’
Amii McKeever
Although not fully ‘horse’ retired, ex-jockey Pat Collins’s day job is now grass measurement –alongside dairy calf to beef and tillage farming. He speaks to Amii McKeever about keeping all the balls in the air.
27 April 2022 Amii
“In Russia not having food is not a distant memory”
What happened in 2012? The Irish farmers Journal founded a new magazine – Irish Country Magazine. And while that was happening Amii McKeever was in Russia. Different worlds, same year.
17 November 2021 News
People skills needed on large dairy farms
Sussex dairy farmer Joe Delves spoke about staff management on a CAFRE webinar on Tuesday evening.
‘Whole new world’ in dairy for those outside the sector – Nuffield scholar
There’s an “obligation on dairy farmers and the industry” to educate young people on “what we do” to help promote a career in the sector, according to Nuffield 2020 scholar Linda O’Neill.
17 November 2021 News
Change is for real, but it’s going take time and money to do it right
In 1989, the world decided to take action against the destruction of the ozone layer. COP26 is over but it remains to be seen if they have they done it right this time? Amii McKeever reports.
17 November 2021 Amii
Sustainable agri-food sector needs private sector funding - Nuffield conference
Nuffield Ireland hosted its annual conference, which involved panel discussion from Declan Kelleher, Tom Arnold, Karina Pierce and Tadhg Buckley around the challenges facing the agricultural industry.
12 November 2021 News
Dung beetles are ‘parasite enemy number one’ – Nuffield scholar
“Our dung pats are currently like a retirement home and we need to turn them into Glastonbury,” according to Nuffield scholar Bruce Thompson.
12 November 2021 News
Agri Careers Profile: Tadhg Buckley - AIB to IFA
Fiona Alston catches up with Tadhg Buckley to hear about his career path from an ag degree to working in banking to a role in the IFA.
10 November 2021 Careers
Growth promoters pay on USA farms, vet finds
Local vet Dr Mark Little visited a feedlot business in Texas as part of his Nuffield Scholarship.
10 November 2021 News
Dung beetles reducing the need for anthelmintics
Nuffield Scholar Bruce Thompson will be presenting his project on dung beetles and anthelmintics at the annual Nuffield Conference on 12 November 2021. Fiona Alston writes.
3 November 2021 Careers
Bruce Thompson on never really leaving the farm
Bruce Thompson’s family are on their eighth generation of farmers. The Laois man spoke to Fiona Alston about his career route out of and quickly back to the farm.
3 November 2021 Careers
Routes to a rewarding career in dairy farming
Nuffield scholar Linda O’Neill will be presenting her project ‘No Farm, No Problem! Routes to a Rewarding Career in Dairy Farming’ at their November conference. Fiona Alston writes
27 October 2021 Careers