Irish hedgerows a potential tool for pest control
Sarah O'Sullivan
In this article, Sarah O’Sullivan how hedgerows can have a positive impact on crop management, pest control and overall farm sustainability.
30 May 2023 News
Minister Hackett launches beekeeper support programme
The programme, which aims to support the production of apiculture products, will run until 2027.
19 May 2023 News
Monitoring of bee species central to tackling declines - Hackett
The pilot national pollinator monitoring scheme is a “positive example of how farms can offer to support pollinators”, Minister Hackett has said.
Sustainability in the summer time – the importance of biodiversity
Research has shown that pollinator activity has the potential to boost oilseed rape yields by approximately 30%.
How biodiverse are the Footprint Farms?
Biodiversity scoring across the farm showed a mix of results across the sectors.
Nurturing nature on-farm: bats, birds and bees
Here are some ways that can farmers can help nature on their farms this month.
‘Wide variety’ of moths on all Irish farm types – EIP project
A farm-led moth monitoring exercise found greater species diversity and abundance near hedgerows.
18 January 2023 News