Know the fertiliser N and P limits for grassland
Darren Carty
The introduction of the fertiliser database has put a greater focus on determining fertiliser allowances with potential penalties liable if limits are exceeded.
UCC researchers call for investment in protecting soils
The researchers found that there has been a lack of research carried out on soils in boglands and forestry.
24 April 2024 Northern Ireland
Nutrients remain in Lough Neagh for 40 years
Scientists from the Agri Food and Biosciences Institute spoke about Lough Neagh during an online event last week.
Sheep Management: greater focus on fertiliser phosphorus allowances
The upturn in weather and purchase of fertiliser has got more farmers talking about their phosphorus allowance, with merchants raising queries during sales.
24 April 2024 Breeding & health
ACRES soil sampling extension a welcome move
The Department of Agriculture highlights that the move to extend the deadline to submit soil sample analysis to 31 December 2024 has been taken as a result of adverse weather hampering soil sampling.
25 March 2024 News
Training fully booked for soil scheme
All courses to be held this spring as part of the SNMS are fully booked with farmers now being directed to the online training option.
14 February 2024 Northern Ireland
Variable rate fertiliser application, is it viable?
Dermot Forristal from Teagasc Oak Park explains what variable rate application is and examines are Irish farmers losing out without adopting it.
7 February 2024 Farm machinery
Training options for soil nutrient health scheme
David Wright looks at the first set of training to be completed by farmers as part of the soil nutrient health scheme.
3 January 2024 Northern Ireland
Top tips for soil sampling before spring
Soil samples should be taken before the lifting of the fertiliser and slurry restrictions in early 2024.
29 December 2023 Management