Travel: a tale of two Egypts
Are you ‘team history’ or ‘team luxury’? On a recent trip to Egypt, Eoghan Corry realised the country is distinctively divided between two worlds.
22 November 2023 Features
Find out what caught the eye of Irish Country Living team this week
Evergreen berries, winterage and holiday travel spending - we've had a very seasonal week in the country.
15 November 2023 Living Life
Living Life: The best of both worlds
Slieve Donard Hotel, County Down strikes quite the impression on the Northern Ireland coastline, but equally is the perfect respite from the Mourne Mountains, a stone’s throw away, writes Dee Laffan.
Travel: your carriages await...
Travelling by rail is one of the nicest ways to experience Europe. It showcases gorgeous scenery, historic routes and adventures at a slower pace – it’s a great way for all the family to see the world
8 November 2023 Travel
Cork International Film Festival 2023
Cork Film festival will take place from Thursday, 9 November until Sunday, 26 November for the 68th year of the festival.
25 October 2023 Travel
Living Life: Normandy is the city of the sea
A second glance at first-stop France? It's well worth taking the time to linger in Normandy, writes Eoghan Corry.
11 October 2023 Travel
Autumnal walking festival in Wicklow
An Autumnal walking festival will take place in the Wicklow mountains from Friday, 27 October to Sunday, 29 October.
11 October 2023 Travel
Margaret Leahy: the thing about airports
Airports are designed to take passengers from point A to point B - but in reality, they are so much more, writes Margaret Leahy.
11 October 2023 Features
Living Life: Vienna waits for you
While the Danube might not have been as blue as promised, Liam Clancy finds much to delight in Vienna and Bratislava.
4 October 2023 Travel
Margaret Leahy: nothing beats weaving by the sea
There's nothing wrong with a bit of impulsivity - especially when it comes to last minute crafting destinations, writes Margaret Leahy
4 October 2023 Features
Katherine's Country: the small things that matter
Katherine O’Leary spent a few lovely days in West Clare enjoying the sea, the food and the hospitality.
27 September 2023 Katherine O'Leary
Enjoy Berlin like a true Berliner!
Go on a journey through one of Europe’s coolest cities with Dee Laffan, a regular visitor to the city, who dishes local favourites for your next visit
20 September 2023 Travel