Growing Wild

With Dr Catherine Keena, Teagasc Countryside Management Specialist

Look out for charlock growing on recently disturbed ground on roadsides or new house sites where the seed gets a chance to germinate, as it is an annual plant.

Charlock is an annual weed of tillage crops. It is similar to brassicas like oilseed rape with bright yellow flowers with four petals. Nectar is easily accessible by insects. Branched stems grow up to a half a metre with variable lobed leaves, the upper ones stalkless. Its name as Gaeilge as praiseach bhuí appears in placenames such as Cloonprask in Galway and Trafrask in Cork.

Valued as a food during the famine, charlock is part of our native Irish biodiversity.

Consumer tip

With the summer travel season approaching, many consumers are awaiting a well-earned break. But what if something goes amiss with your flight and you are left unclear to your rights?

If your flight is delayed, the airline must provide you with care and assistance depending on the length and nature of the delay.

For example, if you are delayed for five hours on a medium-haul journey, you are entitled to claim for compensation but not if it is due to severe weather conditions.

A top tip is if an airline leaves you to fend for yourself during a delay, keep all of your receipts so you can claim back any expenses you are entitled to.

If your airline cancels your flight, they must offer you the choice between re-routing as close as possible to the original time, re-rerouting at a later date or a refund.

Similarly, if your flight gets overbooked the airline must offer you an alternative flight as soon as possible, at a later date of your choice or a full refund.

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Online pick of the week

Molly Ellis, The Wild Felter.

In this week’s Meet the Maker, Grace Hanna chats to The Wild Felter, Molly Ellis about all thing’s wildlife, felt and nature.

Quote of the week

All the work I had been doing and editing over the years had been me working towards being a fiction writer. All the skills I needed were there. I had control and tone and, suddenly at 30, I also had ideas. I thought, ‘OK, I know myself now and I have thoughts that I want to say about the world’ and so, suddenly, it flowed out of me. Booker Prize winner 2023, Paul Lynch

Picture of the week

Paddy Fenton Brosnan helping with twin lambs on his grandad’s farm. \ Phil Fenton, Co Kerry

Poetry Corner

Crosswords: Poem from Rambles in Kilcommock, Volume 8 written by Paddy Egan, 2023

It’s a mental craze without a doubt

Trying to work those crosswords out

My dictionary I’m about to scan

To decipher a word to fit the plan

The clue looks simple from initial glance

But the downward clue leaves me askance

I wrack my brains for that elusive word

It makes me feel a hopeless nerd

Those crossword puzzles I do enjoy

Although by times they can annoy

Oft for hours I peruse and ponder

Such teasers cause the mind to wander

Crosswords promote an active mind

They help relax, rest and unwind

They’re never serious nor too sublime

An ideal way to pass the time

Students, housewives, farmers,


And even those in roman collars Cloistered ladies with holy vows

All do the crossword when time allows

Hi-tech gadgets are now being used

What was once a pastime, is now abused

The challenge involved is now no more

No longer a teaser like days of yore

We’ve completed crosswords of

various sizes

But never enter or claim the prizes

We don’t consider their financial worth

Just enjoy the craic, a bit of sport.

Number of the week

The father-daughter team made an offer under the asking price of €175,000, which was accepted, and received the keys in February 2023. Niav estimates that the renovation cost around €70,000 to open the doors in November 2023. Milliner Niav Riley

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