Avonmore brought a new oat drink to the market last week. The product is dairy free and is another addition to the list of products produced from Irish oats.

The product claims to be high in fibre and calcium, low in fat and with no added sugar. The barista version of the drink is foamable.

The original product is retailing at €2.79/l.

Irish oat drinks offer a dairy-free alternative product, with lower food miles and likely a lower carbon footprint than those imported or produced from products such as almonds or soya.

Irish growers

Tirlán grain suppliers receive a premium for producing gluten-free oats, which are monitored throughout the season for contamination and are cut and transported with a fleet of gluten-free combines and lorries.

Earlier this year, Tirlán increased the number of gluten-free oat contracts available to growers, as the market for products from these oats has been increasing.

Porridge is an obvious product produced from the oats, but oat flour is becoming extremely popular, as it is used as an ingredient in many dairy-alternative products, such as cheese and chocolate.

Avonmore already has a Pro Oats drink in shop fridges across the country. This is a milk-based drink with oats added. There are 23g of gluten-free oats in each 500ml carton.