Tom Gartland has retired after a 33-year career with Syngenta and its legacy companies in Ireland.

Tom joined Ciba-Geigy in 1990, when products like Tilt 250EC and Ridomil MZ were market leaders in the fight against fungal diseases in cereals and potatoes.

The company transitioned through its Novartis phase, until a merger of the Novartis and Zeneca crop protection businesses led to the formation of Syngenta in the year 2000.

Tom has witnessed many changes over the years, not least an increasing awareness of the need for proper application of pesticides.

He led the Syngenta effort to highlight and improve spraying practices on farms to optimise product performance and minimise environmental impact.

Tom is leaving many strong relationships in the business, and while he plans to keep in touch with developments in the industry, he is pleased to have more time to pursue his interests in sport and music, among others.

Margaret Murphy will take up the position. Margaret is already well-established in the crop protection business, having previously worked at Barclay Chemicals and more recently with Terrachem.