Warmer weather has been forecast for the end of the week and over the weekend.

Higher daytime temperatures will be welcomed by farmers struggling to keep grass in front of cattle.

As soils warm up, grass growth should hopefully surge ahead of demand.

This will allow covers to build and silage swards to start bulking out.

Maximising growth

It is important to maximise grass growth during the upcoming window of warmer weather.

If grazing swards have not been dressed with nitrogen in the past two to three weeks or grass looks yellow and hungry, then fertiliser should be applied at the first opportunity.

Spreading 25 to 30 units of nitrogen/ac will drive growth rates.

Applying a compound fertiliser with phosphate (P), potash (K) and sulphur (S) will boost growth rates on soils below index 2.

Be alert for tetany

As growth rates pick up, be alert for grass tetany in lactating cows, especially when grazing on swards that receive a dressing of potash in either slurry form or as bagged fertiliser.

Make use of electric fences to split grazing fields, which will allow covers to build and grazed areas to rest and recover.

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