Controlling docks and rushes: Weeds have grown far more rapidly than grass in the past few weeks. They have flourished in grazing and silage ground. Rushes have been slower to start growing but with warmer temperatures are starting to move now also. Poor grass growth and difficult grazing conditions combined with some poaching damage resulted in an increase in buttercups in fields. Buttercups are also quite common in old pasture; ragwort is becoming noticeable in farms where there are no sheep present; while rush growth is starting too.

While most weeds are susceptible to herbicides at any time of the year, in the case of ragwort early spring is the only time to take corrective action, as once the plant goes past the rosette stage herbicides will not be as effective; the same goes for docks. The ideal time to spray rushes is when they are in a green, vegetative, growing stage.