Patches of mist and fog will clear as frost thaws in the morning hours, Met Éireann has forecasted.

Friday will then remain mostly settled, with some sunny developing through the day.

The west and northwest coasts may be the exception, as some showers blow in.

The day’s highest temperatures will reach 6°C to 8°C, dropping to as low as 2°C in some areas into Friday night. It will remain mildest in western coastal regions.


The day is set to remain largely dry, but cloudy, with some isolated patches of drizzle.

The southeast should stay the brightest, as mostly moderate southwesterly breezes sweep across the country.

The west will stay generally cooler during the day, although temperatures along the eastern coast will drop further into the night. Some light frost possible is possible in these colder areas.

Highest temperatures of 7°C to 9°C are to be expected, with the lowest temperatures dropping to 3°C to 6°C.

Moderate breezes may become fresher on western and northwestern regions.


Another largely dry but cloudy day is forecast on Sunday, with bright spells developing occasionally.

However, drizzle will blow in from the Atlantic in some western counties.

It is expected that highest temperatures will touch 7°C to 9°C, as wind conditions remain light to moderate.

For a period of Sunday evening, the northwest coast will see light rain.

Lowest temperatures are thought to drop to 2°C to 6°C, coolest in the south.

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