It’s a one-in-15-year harvest this year, according to IFA grain chair Mark Brown, who commented that tillage farmers have achieved good yields, continue to harvest crops in good weather and are now awaiting a good price.

Browne traced similar conditions back to 2007.

“In general, it’s been a good harvest with satisfactory yields and very good quality. All the premium markets are filled and the markets are staying very firm in Europe,” he noted.


Last week, the Wexford man called on farmers not to supply surplus malting barley to Boortmalt at the price of €205/t which was being offered.

He confirmed to the Irish Farmers Journal that no farmer delivered barley at that price.

Browne noted that quality and yield of crops has been affected in Europe and that price did not reflect the value of the grain, which is currently trading at over €260/t.

Weary of commenting on where feed prices would land for those selling at harvest, Browne said markets are still strong and demand for straw is good, so tillage farmers will be happy.

“The straw scheme has worked very well. It has put a floor on the market. There’s good demand for straw and prices are holding firm,” he said.