Irish Organic Feeds, which is based in Ballincollig, Co Cork, requires an additional 2,000t of Irish organic wheat and barley, as well as 800t of organic beans in 2022.

Brian O’Regan of Irish Organic Feeds told the Irish Farmers Journal that the company is in the process of building an organic feed mill, which will facilitate the processing of 8,000t to 10,000t of organic grains when it is at full production.

Building is expected to be complete by the end of 2023.

In the meantime, there is demand to be met and contracts for beans are being offered at a price of €450/t.

While a contract price is not yet available for cereals, in the current market Brian said farmers are looking at a price of €350/t to 360/t.

Across the country

Grain will be taken from across the country. At present, Irish Organic Feeds delivers feed to all 32 counties and will take delivery at harvest, so farmers can deliver green grain and do not need to store on their own farm.

O’Regan, who has been farming organically outside Kinsale, Co Cork, since 2006, is calling on farmers to get in touch.

He explained that from this week on, approximately 90% of the grain or compound feed the company sells will be imported.

He noted that there is demand for Irish feed among organic farmers. 2021 saw the number of organic farmers increase by approximately 300, while the Organic Farming Scheme is set to open for applicants for 2022 in February.

As well as increased farmer numbers, Brexit, transport and shipping availability and costs, as well as higher grain prices, make Irish grain more attractive.