The German sprayer manufacturer Amazone has recently added to its mounted range with the launch of the FT 1502 front tank capable of carrying 1,500l. If paired up with the UF 2002 rear-mounted sprayer, total capacity now reaches 3,500l leaving the setup comparable to a small self-propelled sprayer.

The FT 1502 allows full integration of the front tank into the rear tank using the FlowControl+ electronic fill level management over ISOBUS. This is made possible using two electronic level sensors in the front and rear tanks coupled with two venturis which are powered by an additional 150l/min pump mounted on the rear unit. The transfer rate in both directions is 200l/min which is constantly transferred between tanks ensuring spray agent is evenly mixed.

Liquid levels are automatically controlled through the ISOBUS terminal for optimum weight distribution. Amazone’s FlowControl+ function ensures both tanks are automatically filled during the filling process and completely emptied during the spraying process. This function can be switched off if not required. Maximum fill speeds of 400l/min can be achieved.

Other features include a 350l clean water tank for complete cleaning of the sprayer combination.