Heifer quotes increased this morning, with €4.25/kg on the table for in-spec heifers in a number of locations across the country.

A few factories are still trying to buy heifers at €4.20/kg but are generally paying the €4.25/kg when pushed. Where the lower base price is being held, haulage, deals on fat scores, no weight limits and other sweeteners are being thrown in to secure the cattle.

Bullocks are generally still moving at €4.15/kg, with €4.20/kg being paid to those dealing in bigger numbers.

It’s all about prime cattle for factories in the next three weeks as retail orders continue to be very strong across the water.

The last week has seen an improvement in beef prices across many of our main beef markets across Europe, with a steadying in the British beef market also.

COVID-19 outbreaks have disrupted some kill lines in the south, but factories affected have managed the disruption, shifting cattle to other locations to be killed and boned out.


Young bulls haven’t changed, with a €4.15-€4.20/kg base price being quoted in most factories. Under-24-month bulls are generally working off €4.15/kg for R grades and €4.25-€4.30/kg for U grades.


The cow trade has also stayed pretty steady over the last week. P+3 cows are working off €3.40-€3.50/kg, with heavier P grading cows coming into 340kg-350kg carcase weight managing €3.55/kg.

O grading Friesian cows are coming in at €3.50/kg, while O grading suckler cows are able to squeeze €3.60/kg out of the market.

R grading cows continue to trade off €3.80-€3.85/kg, while good-quality U grading cows are still capable of getting €4.00/kg and more.

World markets

Further afield, world beef markets have kicked on over the last two weeks. Brazil, still dealing with a Chinese ban, has seen its beef price increase by 20c/kg over the last two weeks. It is currently trading at the equivalent of €3.20/kg.

Industry experts predict that this is in anticipation of an announcement of the reopening of the Chinese market to Brazilian beef in the very near future.

One country which has capitalised on the Brazilian ban is Australia. Its beef price has climbed in recent weeks to hit €4.95/kg including VAT. This is up from €4.15/kg for the same week in 2020.