With increased demand, the clearance rates were a little higher than the previous week. The bullock trade was strong, with plenty of bidders for all types. Thin and plain-quality cattle continue to be a weaker trade than better-quality types.

All good Charolais cattle sold well, with most types over 600kg selling from €700 to €800 over the weight, and average-quality types selling from €650 to €750 over. Those from 500kg to 600kg sold mainly from €600 to €700 over the weight for the average bullock, with U grades making up to €800 over.

There was a good entry of bullocks from 400kg to 500kg.These sold mainly from €550 to €650 over, with most selling for more than €600 over the weight. Again, better-quality types made from €700 over and upwards.

This Charolais bullock weighing 430kg and born September 2016 sold for €1,010 (€2.35/kg).

This Limousin bullock weighing 485kg and born April 2016 sold for €1,175 (€2.42/kg).

This Limousin bullock weighing 420kg and born May 2016 sold for €1,010 (€2.40/kg).


The heifer trade was well improved on last week also, with most average- to good-quality types easier sold. Heifers over 600kg continue to be scarce but where on offer were a good trade.

Heifers from 500kg to 600kg were more common and sold mainly from €550 to €650 over the weight, with better-quality types selling for up to €700 over and up to €800 over but only in few cases. Types from 400kg to 500kg were plentiful and the trade was good for these also. Prices ranged mainly from €500 to €700 over.

This 595kg Charolais cross heifer born January 2016 sold for €1,380 (€2.32/kg).

This 425kg Belgian Blue cross five-star heifer born June 2016 sold for €1,300 (€3.00/kg).


There was a good selection of cull cows on offer; demand was slightly better for all fleshed types, and there were a good number of these on offer. Prices ran to well over €2.05/kg for some top-quality heavy cows.

The majority of fleshed cows sold from €1.80/kg to €1.90/kg. Store and feeding cows sold mainly from €350 to €450 along with the weight, with some plain and older types selling from €250 to €350 over.

This 730kg Salers cross five-star cow born 2008 sold for €1,305 (€1.79/kg).

This 735kg Hereford cross cow born November 2011 sold for €1,215 (€1.65/kg).

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