There is more life in the beef trade this week, with some plants increasing official quotes by 4p/kg to 464p/kg at the upper end of the market for U-3 grading animals.

However, other plants are unchanged on quotes of 454p/kg, keeping prices for cattle processed under breed schemes, such as Aberdeen Angus, in line with cattle sold into conventional markets.

Deals for in-spec steers and heifers are generally on par to previous weeks, with most plants working from a starting price of 480p/kg.

Farmers moving cattle on a more regular arrangement continue to report deals of 482p to 484p/kg being freely available.

There are reports of higher prices between 486p and 490p/kg offered to farmers handling bigger numbers and a good supply of butcher-type heifers.

Young bulls continue to trade around 470p/kg, although some farmers are securing prices closer to 480p/kg for animals meeting certain carcase specifications on weight, conformation and age.

Where farmers are encountering difficulty in negotiating for higher prices and are not under movement restrictions, consideration should be given to selling animals through the live ring.

Good-quality cattle with U grading conformation continue to trade around 280p/kg and above, which equates to deadweight prices in the region of 490p/kg.

Last week, the average price paid across steers and heifers of all conformation rose by 1.2p to 472.5p/kg.

On U3 animals, steers and heifers both increased by 1.6p/kg to average 483.4p and 484.6p/kg respectively. Young bulls at the outlined grade rose by 3p to 461.4p/kg.


Demand for cull cows has also seen some upward momentum, with R3 animals generally trading from a base of 350p/kg, while O+3 cows are on 340p/kg.

Deals for good-quality suckler types under 60 months are trading between 370p and 380p/kg, but older cows are being pinned closer to 360p/kg.

NI sheep: live trade holding strong as Ramadan ends

Despite Ramadan concluding earlier this week, prices in the live ring remain strong, with heavy lots making up to £202 and spring lambs hitting £170.

To keep pace, plants have been pushed into raising quotes by 10p to 700p/kg for hoggets, but 710p/kg is freely available, with 780p/kg payable to 21kg for spring lambs.

There was a super trade in Gortin for hoggets and lambs. Heavy lots at 31kg made £200, 30kg to £196, 27.5kg to £187, with a big run from £160 to £186. Lighter lambs made £160 for 22kg and £145 for 20kg.

In Kilrea, hoggets and lambs sold from 660p to 767p/kg, with 21.5kg at £165, 22.5kg at £172 and 24kg at £178.

In Markethill, 750 hoggets made 610p to 675p/kg, with 24kg at £162, 24.5kg at £165 and 23.7kg at £162.50, followed by 23.7kg at £160.

Spring lambs sold from 700p to 773p/kg for 22kg at £170, with similar lots on £163.

In Saintfield, 410 hoggets sold from 620p to 727p/kg, little change on last week, topping £202 for 29kg, with a big run from £160 to £180. Spring lambs sold to £177 for 24kg Suffolks, with a run from £160 to £172.

In Ballymena, trade was very firm. Hoggets at 28kg made £175, 26kg at £173, 24.5kg at £170 and 23kg at £164.


Fat ewes are a strong trade in the marts. In Gortin, top price was £280, with £252 next best and a run from £140 to £244.

In Kilrea, top was £246. In Markethill, fleshed ewes sold from £140 to £198. In Saintfield, top was £229, with a run from £170 to £225.

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