Tullamore Farm held its annual in-calf and maiden heifer sale in Central Auctions, Roscrea on Wednesday 25 October.

Twenty-five heifers, 20 in-calf heifers and seven maiden heifers were presented for sale on the night. All heifers are genotyped 4 or 5 stars on the replacement index, and are eligible for the BDGP scheme.

All heifers were spring 2022-born, with most sired by AI sires like Tomschoice Imperial, Brooklands Marco, HJD, OHD, Norman Inventor, Clonagh Frosty KIng and Curaheen Earp.


Heifers have been bred to calve at two years old in January, February and March 2024, and are in-calf to LM2014, EBY, Brooklands Marco and a Salers stock bull.

This heifer by Brooklands Marco (LM5443), due to calve on 24 February 2024 to LM2014 (sexed female semen), sold for €1,900.

All heifers had been scanned with dates for AI and natural service. Eight of the heifers in this year’s sale were bred using sexed female semen and all are scanned carrying heifer calves.

On the night, it was the stronger heifers over 600kg that met the most demand, with the top price going to a February 2022-born Clonagh Frosty King daughter. She had a replacement index of €157 and was scanned in-calf to Brooklands Marco calving in February 2024, and was knocked down at €2,520.

The next highest price was €2,500, paid for a February 2022-born daughter of Curaheen Earp in-calf, so a sexed female straw of EBY, and due to calve in January 2024.

Next highest call was €2,360 for a February 2022-born Hideal heifer carrying an EBY heifer-calf, and due to calve in January. She had a replacement index of €141.

This HJD-sired heifer has 4 stars for daughter milk, with a replacement index of €141. She is due to calve on 6 February to EBY (sexed female semen) and sold for €2,360.

Following close behind was a February 2022-born Clonagh Frosty King heifer carrying an EBY heifer calf, selling for €2,340.

This Clonagh Frosty King Simmental heifer is due to calve to EBY (sexed female semen) on 7 February 2024 and sold for €2,340.

The sale averaged €1,977/head for the in-calf heifers and €1,490/head for the maiden heifers. The top price for a maiden heifer was €1,720 for a 570kg Charolais heifer.

This Boherard Hurricane-sired heifer is due to calve on 6 April 2024 to the Salers bull and sold for €1,720.

This daughter of Brooklands Marco, due to calve on 6 April 2024 to the Salers bull, sold for €2,000.

Watch some of the top prices from the sale: