Bord na Móna is increasing its investment in bog rehabilitation as it transitions away from energy peat towards a more sustainable business model. They made the announcement today at a public review of its biodiversity action plan (2015-19) in Ballymahon, Co Longford.

At the event, Bord na Móna also announced that it has progressed the rehabilitation of over 700 hectares of cutaway bog in the past year. This adds to the 15,000 hectares of bog already rehabilitated by the company.

The company has outlined a target of at least 10,000 hectares to be rehabilitated during the remaining period of the plan.

Speaking at the review, Bord na Móna’s chief ecologist, Catherine Farrell, said: “Bord na Móna has set an ambitious target for bog rehabilitation and it’s great to see the company support this aim not just with a large investment in machinery but also the expansion of the rehabilitation team to include extra machine operators and four dedicated ecologists.

"We are also working to restore some bogs to near pristine conditions.

"We now have over 1,500 hectares of bog restored and are increasing resources in order to achieve our aim of having a further 2,000 hectares restored in the coming decade.

"The review day is a really important day for us to listen to all the people who interact with our bogs and get their feedback on what we are doing. It’s also a really useful way for us to connect with communities and let them know about how rehabilitation benefits them."

Other highlights announced at the review include:

  • Progress in development of Co Longford’s Corlea community wetland adjacent to the company’s proposed windfarm at Derryad.
  • Rare and unusual species recorded on Bord na Móna bogs including the Glossy Ibis and White-tailed Eagle.
  • Curlew survey ongoing by BWI; numbers reported as stable on restored bog and bog remnants.
  • Full rehabilitation plan for Littleton bogs drafted, with work completed on some cutaway.
  • Ballysorrel bog, Co Tipperary 99% restored across 187 hectares.
  • The review was addressed by a number of experts and academics including greenhouse gas expert, Dr David Wilson, senior planner with Longford County Council, Donall Mac An Beatha and broadcaster and writer, Manchán Magan. It concluded with a field trip to the company’s nearby wetland at Corlea.

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