I hear Michael O’Leary told patrons at his sale of Angus bulls and heifers on Holy Saturday that next year, if they’re not bringing a trailer, they’ll be charged for parking.

Now he did say it with a cheeky grin on his face so perhaps he was only joking... But then again you wouldn’t know with the bould Michael. There was no mention of a charge on bringing in large handbags or going to the toilet so in that sense patrons are safe, for now.

The top price on the day was €7,100 for an in-calf heifer, who was the only red Angus in the sale.

However, he did say in an exclusive interview with the Irish Farmers Journal after the sale that the reason he breeds Angus cattle is because of how “pretty” they are.

All joking aside, the Ryanair CEO pledged, before the sale, to double the top lot and donate the money to the Ukraine relief fund.