Trade remains very strong across the country, with last Thursday’s sale in Tullamore no exception.

In total, 221 cattle went through the scales on the day, with all lots finding a new home.

Speaking after the sale, manager Antoinette Daly said: “It’s been an exceptional start to the new year.

This rising six-year-old Limousin cow weighed 725kg and sold for €1,560 (€2.15/kg). \ Odhran Ducie

“There’s a great amount of buyers out already and this helped achieve a 100% clearance. Numbers on the year are also proving well up on previous.

“The main drive remains for the heavier cattle. Dry cows met a fierce trade with an awful lot over the €2,000 mark.”

Leading the cow trade was the Charolais breed, with a 995kg cull cow selling for €2,480 (€2.49/kg).

This seven-year-old Limousin cow weighed 765kg and sold for €1,500 (€1.96/kg). \ Odhran Ducie

As mentioned, this topped an impressive sale, with fit continental cows in high demand. Cows in excess of 700kg with good shape had a floor of €1,700, with most selling close to and over €2,000. Overall, 58 cows sold for an impressive average of €2.02/kg.

Heifer prices

Heifer prices were again dominated by the heavier stock on show.

Lots in excess of 600kg met an average per-head price of €1,800. This was led by a call of €2,320 for a 920kg Angus heifer (€2.52/kg).

This May 2018 born Hereford cow weighed 585kg and sold for €1,020 (€1.74/kg). \ Odhran Ducie

A strong run of Angus heifers with most surpassing the 800kg mark proved in the most demand, with prices generally between €1,850 and €2,000/head or €2.35/kg to €2.40/kg.

The strong trade was continued down for short-keep heifer lots, with average surpassing €2.45/kg.

Top price in this section was a Limousin heifer that weighed 580kg and sold for €1,660 (€2.86/kg).

This September 2016 born Simmental cow weighed 750kg and sold for €1,790 (€2.39/kg). \ Odhran Ducie

Heavy bullocks were tight on the ground, but those present hit an average of over €1,600/head. Overall, bullocks weighing 600kg-plus had an average of €2.38/kg, rising to over €2.70/kg. Highest-priced bullock on the night was a 790kg Charolais that sold for €1,980 (€2.51/kg).

This 12 year old Charolais weighed 995kg and sold for €2,480 (€2.49/kg). \ Odhran Ducie

Short-keep bullock lots also proved in high demand, with prices surpassing €2.50/kg. Top lot here went to a Charolais bullock that weighed 570kg and sold for €1,440 (€2.523/kg).

Moving down the weights for bullocks and numbers remained quite tight. However, a few stand-out lots hit over €2.70/kg. Leading the way was a 480kg Limousin bullock that sold for €1,310 (€2.73/kg).

Other lots

This four-year-old Friesian cow weighed 815kg and sold for €1,730 (€2.12/kg). \ Odhran Ducie

This Angus heifer weighed 830kg and sold for €1,930 (€2.32/kg). \ Odhran Ducie

This Angus heifer weighed 805kg and sold for €1,940 (€2.40/kg). \ Odhran Ducie

This Charolais heifer weighed 575kg and sold for €1,440 (€2.50/kg). \ Odhran Ducie

This Limousin heifer weighed 580kg and sold for €1,610 (€2.78/kg). \ Odhran Ducie

This Aubrac heifer weighed 450kg and sold for €1,100 (€2.44/kg). \ Odhran Ducie