The Veterinary Council of Ireland (VCI) has advised vets to take necessary precautions and follow HSE advice but at the current moment "there is no evidence to date to suggest that the virus can be transmitted to animals from humans."

President of the VCI said that they would continue to review the situation but that it was essentially "business as usual".


"We acknowledge that this is an evolving situation which may bring certain challenges to the veterinary professions in time, to be managed in line with professional obligations as set out in the Code of Professional Conduct.

"We will keep the matter under ongoing review. However, it's business as usual for now," the president of the VCI Joe Moffitt said.

Other vets have put in measures, such as Quinn's in Mohill who have asked farmers to ring in advance with their order to minimise their time on the premises or limiting their small animal practice services.

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