Never before have we begun a crop season in a climate of such global uncertainty. The serious issues of fungicide resistance and the loss of actives like chlorothalonil and diquat have given way to much more fundamental concerns regarding our own health and the ability of the distribution system to deliver. While these are very important issues, the fundamentals within the crop protection industry remain important for growers.

The list of actives being lost to growers for crop protection continues to grow. While the headline actives to go currently are chlorothalonil, diquat and CIPC, this is likely to be added to by other important names in the near future such as fenpropimorph and dimethoate. Indeed, there are over 50 products on the lists of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides in this publication that are to go from the market soon; some have already gone. And we have glyphosate up for re-registration again in 2022. The outcome of that is by no means certain.