Connacht Agri, the Mayo-based farm supplies company, is planning a big presence at the National Ploughing Championships.

State-of-the-art solar-powered pumps and water heaters will be on the stand to demonstrate to farmers how flexible and efficient solar-powered technology can be.

The company’s solar-powered water heater comes in 60-litre, 80-litre, 100-litre and 200-litre versions. Even in winter months, it is able to heat water.

If the temperature drops below a certain level at night, it can switch to normal power to keep water at the required temperature.

Connacht Agri will also have its new battery-powered eco bedder, a German-designed pedestrian cubicle shed cleaner. This will bed 150 to 300 cubicles per fill and brushes, scrapes and beds in one pass. Connacht Agri’s Seamus Hession said: “The unit needs no servicing, no petrol, no diesel, no noise, no fumes, no filters, no oil and gives no hassle. It’s also half the cost of a ride-on cleaner.”