Tirlán’s communication to its fixed milk suppliers in relation to its latest support offer is “totally inadequate and is causing confusion and anxiety among the impacted farmers and their families”, warns the IFA.

IFA dairy chair Stephen Arthur said there is growing frustration among the co-op’s suppliers in fixed milk contracts due to the “mixed messaging” they’re receiving.

He called on Tirlán to extend the deadline of 30 December for impacted farmers to reply to the support offer.

Deadline extension

Arthur suggested that some within Tirlán have indicated that there will be flexibility around this deadline and said if this is the case, “it needs to be stated publicly by Tirlán”.

“It also needs to be confirmed if Tirlán staff and management will be available over the full Christmas period to answer any questions that suppliers may have.

“Tirlán must defer this arbitrary deadline and hold a public information meeting early in the New Year to fully inform their suppliers of what this offer entails,” he said.

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