Dairygold has almost doubled in milk solids in the last 10 years, CEO Conor Galvin told the European Dairy Farmers (EDF) congress on Tuesday.

Overall, Dairygold has 6,800 shareholders, of whom 2,700 actively supply them with milk, and has a net asset value of €422m.

Like Ornua, Dairygold export most of its product outside of Ireland.

Managing the expansion

“Way back in 2009 we started planning for how 2015 was going to work,” Galvin said. “€400m has been invested in capital over the last decade. In terms of the value of the business, that capital investment that’s gone in is equivalent to the entire business.”

This, he added, contributes to Dairygold’s sustainable model to process milk for the next number of generations.

Some of the key pillars of Dairygold’s expansion plan include the €86m Nutritionals campus in Mallow, the whey processing plant in Mitchelstown and the cheddar cheese production facility which is also in Mitchelstown.

Long-term outlook

Feeding population growth, urbanisation and the desire for high-quality dairy products, low income per capita and westernisation are some of the key areas Galvin said Dairygold is focusing on.

“We anticipate 60% more food required by 2050, so being able to have sustainable and guaranteed food is going to be critical,” he said.